Er. Piyush Kumar Goyal, Director
B.E.(Civil),M.E.(Urban & Rural Plng.)
Chartered Engineer, F.I.V.

       With this enthusiasm in our heart AAKAAR Consultants began its operations in the year 1998 as a Consultancy Firm. The organization has a strong base with a positive dynamic attitude. We are confident of achieving with the  reputation and goodwill that is enjoyed with our satisfied clientele. We have a uniform mission across the Group to provide a safe and satisfying workplace for our employees.
       We promote innovation, the adoption of latest techniques and the high standards in business ethics in all our endeavors. A professional approach combines with a high quality of work is our simple motto to achieve complete client satisfaction. We practice a philosophy of continuous improvement and believe that integrity and honesty are the corner stones to success

  • Architecture.
  • Town planning.
  • Quantity Estimation.
  • Structural Engineering.
  • Interior Designing.
  • Land Scaping.
  • Valuations.
  • Construction Supervision.
  • Constructions Management
  • The work and services provided by AAKAAR Consultants and their team is upto  our utmost satisfaction.  Rajdeep Fun 'N' Food Pvt Ltd., Kota
  • AAKAAR Consultants Kota provided consultancy services for instalation of our new project, their services are satisfactiory. Eureka Products Pvt. Ltd., Kota
  • The work and services given by the trained team of AAKAAR Consultants has remained upto our satisfaction. Maa Bharati Girls College, Kota
  • The Work and services given by AAKAAR Consultants is satisfactory. Nalanda Academy, Kota
  • The services provided by AAKAAR Consultants is upto our satisfaction. Municipal Corporation, Kota
  • The services of map drawing, supervision work & interior design provided by AAKAAR Consultants is satisfactory.  Shiv Ganga Paper Converter Pvt. Ltd., Kota
  • The project of maharana pratap circle by AAKAAR Consultants Kota is according to traffic management is satisfactory.  Municipal Board, Chabbra.

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One  Tree   Can   Start  a   Forest,
One    Bird    Can    Herald    Spring,
One Star  Can Guide  a  Ship  at  Sea,
One  Candle Can Wipe Out Darkness,
One  Step  Must  Start Each Journey.

Er. Pradeep Kumar Agarwal, Director

       Nothing can stop the man with right mental aptitude from reaching his goal. With this belief in heart AAKAAR design a versatile body of work ranging from architecture and interiors of residences and corporate offices to retail and hospitality spaces.
Persistance Is What Makes
The Impossible Possible,
The Possible Likely,
And The Likely Definite.

Ar. Arun Kumar Kulshrestha, Associate Architect.

       AAKAAR Consultant's  distinct style of tropical residential architecture uses local materials and concepts, but reinterprets them with an innovative and contemporary design sensibility. The firm's interest in global/local trends in fashion, lifestyle and design is reflected in their varied palette of interior projects ranging from corporate offices lounge bars and restaurants around the country.